How to Get Out of Jail

  • Overturn Criminal Convictions
  • Get Post-Conviction Relief
  • Get Out of Jail

What can you do if a client or loved one has already been convicted of a crime? Nearly everyone will tell you that there is nothing you can do to get out of jail once you are convicted without appealing. But that’s not true.

Imagine (perhaps your loved one) walking out of the jail cell, leaving other cell mates behind, able to walk out free. We have made this happen before — many times.

Imagine facing months or years in prison, believing that one’s life is over, that all hope is gone. And then to have the entire case thrown out, like it never happened. Imagine being able to win one’s life back again…. to have a whole new chance. Or, sometimes, the number of years of jail time can be reduced.

Law Partner on Call’s founder Storm Bradford,  has helped hundreds overturn their criminal convictions and get out of jail. These people are now leading normal lives as if nothing had happened — with no criminal record.

Clearly you need to fight criminal charges before they get to trial. Too many people don’t take criminal charges seriously, try to represent themselves, or tolerate a bad lawyer (note that even expensive or “successful” lawyers might lack interest, diligence, attention to detail, or creativity in representing you).

Then after getting convicted of the crime, they wish they had taken it more seriously. That’s not smart. You need to fight criminal charges like it is your last chance. Fight like your life depends upon it. As we often say, “When it comes to your life, liberty, or property you can’t be a K-Mart shopper. Because if you try to do it on the cheap, you will lose your life, liberty or property.”

However, even if the worst happens, don’t give up. There are many ways to over-turn criminal convictions — by annulling the indictment or various types of writs. That means that the entire criminal proceeding may be thrown out… as if the conviction never happened.

Note that this is different from appealing the case. The attorney who represented the accused on the case should be appealing the case. Law Partner on Call can provide a lot of insight and experience to your attorney on how to win on appeal.

However, we can also assist the accused with even more advanced techniques which can over-turn a conviction even before or after all appeals are exhausted.

Naturally, the sooner you begin such actions the better. But don’t give up too soon. Let us evaluate if we might be able to help you and your lawyer.

How to get started? This process is not cheap. It is a lot of work.

The convicted person’s lawyer will need to pull together the entire case file — everything that happened before, during, and after the trial, especially the original indictment and of course the transcripts. You should check with the Clerk of the Court to make sure that you have copies of everything.

LPOC’s expert will review the entire file and will identify every legally significant error that can be used to overturn the conviction. LPOC can also draft for the defendant’s attorney motions drawing upon those errors and relevant law to overturn the conviction.