Law Partner On Call specializes in developing and executing winning litigation strategies to save time and money for our clients.  We provide a vast array of litigation support services nationwide to attorneys, paralegals, and other service providers, and individuals.  We analyze case documents including indictments, pleadings, motions, notices, service of process, transcripts, physical evidence, depositions, arrest reports, probable cause affidavits, and documents underlying transactions such as real estate sales and purchases, mortgages, appraisals, loan applications, closing papers, recorded instruments.  We find loopholes and causes of action, and write corresponding reports of our findings.  We develop litigation strategies, write and conduct discovery, and we craft pleadings, motions, objections, answers, notices, opening and closing statements, jury instructions, and pre-and post-trial actions.  We sit second-chair to guide attorneys in examination, cross-examination, redirect, objections, exceptions, and sidebar discussions.

In addition, we rise to the occasion in meeting litigation emergencies for attorneys under pressure.  We are efficient, cost-effective, and typically save our clients a monumental amount of money over other options.

All of this means we help our clients build a track record of wins and of gratified customers.  Our guidance, training, and work product can turn lackluster slackers into genius powerhouses in the eyes of their clients.  And that can help YOU build a larger base of satisfied customers, and a bigger business than you could develop on your own.

Thus, we provide monumental benefits to small law firms and sole operators, helping them to expand their career, their business, and their client base.  And we can help large law firm avoid the expense and waste of courting and hiring new and untrained attorneys.

Law Partner On Call provides some services nationally, even more services local to the Washington, D.C. area, and specialty services such as helping attorneys get clients out of jail quickly, assisting in DUI and traffic ticket litigation, and mortgage examinations.

See our services list in the menu for more details on our offerings and fee schedule.