Terms and Conditions

Law Partner on Call is designed to support attorneys who are licensed in their respective States. LPOC is set up to provide support to, and work under, only licensed attorneys.

Normally, Law Partner on Call will be contacted by and hired by and will work through a client’s existing attorney.

Every State in the United States licenses attorneys individually.

However, Law Partner on Call does already include and/or work with some attorneys from many States. The lawyers we have available are subject to change based on the availability of various lawyers, scheduling conflicts, and the subject matter expertise or competence of different lawyers in relation to your particular case.

LPOC may be able to work directly with non-lawyers in certain States, but only if we have already have available our own licensed attorneys in your particular State able to work on your type of case.

However, Law Partner on Call might not have licensed attorneys in your State. If a party does not have a licensed attorney in their State and we cannot provide an attorney licensed in that State, we will not be able to provide services to you. Please understand that this is a result of laws passed in various States, and not any lack of desire to be of service to you or to help you.

Payment for the services of Law Partner on Call is normally due immediately, by credit card, and payment of an estimated amount will usually be required before work will begin.