Who We Are and What We Do

Law Partner on Call is staffed by attorneys both currently in practice and retired, paralegals, law professors, former judges, experts, consultants, mediators, and researchers. We are willing and available to provide specialized expertise, to perform occasional projects for lawyers who come under time pressure, assist small law firms to expand into new practice areas, or even to mentor attorneys.

Storm Bradford, Law Partner on Call’s founder has trained and mentored attorneys, resulting in hundreds of acquittals. He has also over-turned guilty verdicts right after trial using very advanced little known techniques. Do you have a client or someone you know already in jail? Don’t give up just yet. Law Partner on Call might be able to vacate criminal convictions, working with a locally-licensed attorney.

For pragmatic services, Law Partner on Call assists with discovery, pleadings, legal research, and the routine mechanics of law practice. Law Partner on Call makes legal experts and consultants available to attorneys in all situations. Expertise of all types is now available to you, as close as the nearest telephone or email. On specialized topics like criminal defense, Law Partner on Call brings high-level consulting and expertise to practitioners nation-wide.

Small law firms and solo attorneys are no longer shut out or at a disadvantage. Experience and knowledge previously locked up in large law firms is now on tap for everyone. Perhaps you have had a question (maybe a big law firm tried to throw you a curve ball on purpose) and you have wondered who you might talk to about it. Some big law firm attorneys love to throw weird things at solo lawyers to trip you up. Now, you can access our network (often without even needing to identify who your client is). If your question involves a specialty area that is not already in our network, let us do the work of searching for an expert instead of you worrying about it.

For new lawyers, law school teaches the basic laws but does not prepare lawyers for actual practice, organizing a law office, choosing practice areas to focus on, attracting clients, and the strategies of organizing and winning cases in the real world. Traditionally, a law graduate would apprentice with an experienced lawyer and law firm to learn all the real-world techniques and street knowledge involved in the practice of law. Today, the law in large law firms has become more impersonal, mass-produced, and bureaucratic. Many lawyers also choose to practice alone or in small firms. But even in large law firms, there may be less mentorship than expected. Now, you’re not alone. We’re here to help.

The real-world practice of law is something you are expected to pick up on your own, during “on the job training.” Even if you have had great experience in a law firm previously, you might not have encountered all areas of the law across the board. You may run into things that are unexpected. You may be presented with opportunities in new areas of the law. We are available to help if you might need consultation on new legal issues.

  • Team members currently include experts especially in
  • Criminal law
  • Immigration
  • Family law
  • Avoiding foreclosures
  • Debt collection (especially how to collect on / execute on judgments)
  • Debt collector violations (abusive practices, credit errors)

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