I was in the fight of my life.  After a 33-year legal career I faced felony charges in a misguided and overly zealous prosecution that would have sent me to prison for the rest of my life.  Through my Virginia attorney, I was introduced to Storm Bradford the founder of Law Partner On Call who was asked to consult on my case and offer his advice on my defense. He comes into a case with a level of passion and enthusiasm that lets you know that whatever you find yourself up against he can help marshal the necessary forces to assist you and your attorney in achieving a successful defense.

Storm believes that cases are best won pretrial and he has the knowledge and expertise to help you and your attorney mold your defense to help achieve such a goal.  He orchestrated my case, and his expertise provided the underpinnings and the ultimate dismissal of the seven-count indictment, pretrial. The Judge in his opinion dismissing my case, cited the case law that Storm provided my attorney and myself.

When we needed support, Storm was there.  When we needed encouragement and guidance, Storm was there as well.  If you find yourself accused of a crime ask your attorney to contact Storm Bradford to provide his unequaled expertise in your defense.  You may find that it is very possible to win your case pretrial and save yourself a great deal of money, and hardship.

Lorenzo L. Bean, III, Esq.

Even the smartest, most skilled, most experienced attorney needs a reliable source of help and advice.  As a solo practitioner, I don’t have a source of help and advice immediately available to me just one door away in the next office.  That is why I appreciate the services of Law Partner On Call. Often I call when I am just stuck on a case, and need an extra perspective.  I can usually count on receiving a suggestion for a strategy that hadn’t occurred to me, a legal theory that I hadn’t considered, or a cite on a case that points me in a good direction.  For me, it’s a little bit of help that goes a long way.  Additionally, it’s comforting to know that if I find myself in a crunch for time, I have someone to turn to for quality legal research or pleadings that I can trust. Law Partner On Call is only partner I’ve ever had. I couldn’t even contemplate continuing solo practice without them.

Bobby J. Brown, Jr., Esq.

Over a course of more than thirty-five years, I have used, Storm Bradford, the legal mind behind Law Partner on Call, with amazing results. There is no more thorough and innovative legal thinking available. Research is thorough and the approaches to solutions to problems are frankly ones I never would have thought of on my own. You may think you know the law, but in fact, you only know what normal legal environment has taught you. Law Partner on Call does not wear the blinders regular law institutions have placed on you. Law Partner on Call will open your eyes to what you are not aware of, and will wake you up to what the law really makes available.

Richard Young, Esq.

Several years ago, like most other attorneys I was plea-bargaining the majority of my criminal cases. Luckily, I had the good fortune to attend a seminar, “Tricks You Don’t Learn In Law School”, given by Storm Bradford the founder of Law Partner on Call. After learning some of these “tricks” I decided to put my newfound education to work. I was representing a client who was charged with embezzlement and was about to enter into another plea agreement. However, instead of trying to negotiate that plea agreement, I engaged the founder of Law Partner on Call, Storm Bradford, to coach me and to write a motion. It worked, that motion ended up dismissing the charges pretrial. Over the years I’ve continued to utilize their wisdom and services. I’ve never felt the need to enter another plea agreement and I’ve won over 95% of my cases anyway, with not one client going to jail. Law Partner on Call is most assuredly a priceless resource!

Burton Sandler, Esq.

Law Partner on Call provided valuable insight and advice on many legal cases for my practice, from criminal proceedings to Federal Constitutional claims under 42 USC 1983 to representing a professional in administrative disciplinary proceedings. Law Partner on Call gave me a second set of eyes and a sounding board for finding the parts of the arguments I missed. They pointed out major arguments and important points that I had missed, and led me to entirely new strategies I hadn’t thought of. Law Partner on Call helped me avoid numerous potential mistakes, by giving me an extra level of review before I filed pleadings. However, they always respected my role to make my own decisions for my cases. Whenever I encounter a new situation or have to deal with an unfamiliar area of the law, I can simply call for expert advice. Law Partner on Call is like having an entire team behind me in my law practice… but only when I need them.

Jon Moseley, Esq.

I’ve won my share of trials, but whenever I have a tough legal question or I run into a dead end, Law Partner on Call is where I turn for assistance. Unwinnable cases have become winnable and low damages cases have grown in size. I currently use Law Partner on Call and have no reservations about recommending them to others.

Christopher Day, Esq., of Cuccinelli and Day

Having Law Partner on Call is like having the resources of a large firm ready and waiting for you when you need it without having to deal with the politics and costs inherently associated with those firms. The breadth and depth of knowledge allows me to look to them whenever I need something as in-depth as complex constitutional research or as simple as a second set of eyes. Law Partner on Call truly provides services far beyond the mundane, whether it’s forming a trial strategy, preparing for complex jury trials, or simply providing a fresh perspective on cases that have controlled your practice, Law Partner on Call’s services are invaluable.

Jason Collins, Esq.