Law Partner On Call Kills Another Indictment

“The prosecution was manufacturing a case based on lies and false evidence to put me in jail,” declared 60-year-old Fauquier County, Virginia, attorney Lorenzo Lee Bean III, in the days leading up to his August 2015 trial.  Virginia Commonwealth Attorney James Fisher had “created” a legal dragnet to snare Bean in an alleged embezzlement operation, and landed a Special Grand Jury indictment against Bean.

Lorenzo Bean hired a long time lawyer friend to defend him from the embezzlement charges, but the lawyer wanted Mr. Bean to plead guilty, and bowed out when it became apparent that he didn’t know how to win the case.

Bean then hired attorney Thomas Plofchan.  Plofchan called on his long-time colleague Storm Bradford, founder of the litigation consultancy firm Law Partner On Call (“LPOC,”, a renowned expert in annulling indictments.  Bradford interviewed Bean and studied the investigation reports, Special Grand Jury minutes, indictment, and related documents.  “Criminal cases are won pretrial,” Bradford explained when questioned about his strategy.

Bradford uncovered an array of prosecutorial and investigatory misconduct, including the prosecutor manipulating the Special Grand Jury into issuing an unjust indictment.  Then Bradford arranged for Bean to take a lie detector;  Bean passed the polygraph test with flying colors – he had no knowledge of the embezzlement until the prosecutor brought it to his attention.

Bradford orchestrated the crafting of a motion to dismiss.  The motion to the court on the eve of the trial, and the court dismissed the indictment.

When asked how he managed to figure out the right technique to use to get Bean off, Bradford smiled wryly and said “There is no substitute for knowing the law–none!”

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Credit:Bob Hurt


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